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Press Release on the American Rescue Plan

(May 12, 2021 - Kingston, New York) Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher’s office has been gathering input from Ulster County residents on how to best use the $34.44 million in funds the County is eligible to receive as part of the American Rescue Plan. The survey provided 14 options for fund use and elicited more than 200 responses. “The American Rescue Plan has provided an important lifeline for many communities across the country, but Ulster was in a unique position given that our revenue was not as severely impacted as so many others,” explained County Comptroller March Gallagher.

Recent Reports

Comptroller's American Rescue Plan Survey Results Snapshot

The American Rescue Plan provides relief to local governments by supporting the public health response and laying the foundation for economic recovery. In addition to addressing revenue losses, the ARP will help cover the costs incurred due to responding to the public health emergency, and provide recovery support through assistance to households, businesses, nonprofits, and essential workers as well as investments in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.

Public Defender's Follow-Up Audit

The Ulster County Comptroller’s 2019 audit of grants management in the Public Defender’s Office recommended strengthening grant oversight and monitoring to maximize the utilization of available grant funds. This follow-up audit found enhanced grant monitoring and utilization, but there are additional opportunities for improvement. Better alignment between budgeted revenues and expenditures as well as greater budget documentation, would identify revenues not received and increase the budget transparency and oversight for the County as a whole.