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Press Release re: Comptroller Appoints Digital Citizens Commission & Releases Ulster Draft Broadband Map

Kingston NY (May 4, 2022)—Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher announced the appointment of a new Ulster County Digital Citizens Commission. The mission of the Commission is to bring universal connectivity to all Ulster County residents and businesses with equitable, affordable access to high-speed cable fiber broadband and cellular service. The Commission will make digital access information public to inform policy discussions to improve infrastructure through public private partnerships.

Press Release on Expansion of Real Property Tax Audit

Kingston, NY (April 25, 2022) – Based on risk assessment and after several months of preparation, on March 29, 2022, the Office of the Ulster County Comptroller launched an audit of the real property tax collection process. In light of questions raised last week on the tax status of 701 Grant Avenue, Town of Ulster, the Comptroller’s Office has expanded our information requests to include details surrounding the real property taxes of 701 Grant Avenue, and other properties of interest. The Comptroller’s Office looks forward to working with the Executive and the Legislature to improve transpa

Recent Reports

Ulster County Ethics and Disclosure Law- Comptroller’s Recommendations

As the Legislature contemplates changes to the Ulster County Ethics and Disclosure Law, the Comptroller’s Office has identified issues that the Legislature may wish to consider in the 2022 revisions. 1) The Disclosure Law does should include the Boards of Directors of the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance and the Ulster County Housing Development Corporation as Ulster County officers required to make disclosures a per §44-6(A)(1).

2021 Comptroller's Office Annual Report with Risk Assessment

Throughout 2021 the Comptroller’s Office continued to adapt to the “new normal” of working through the COVID-19 pandemic. County government activities operated at near normal levels and despite our limited staffing and some remote work by the auditors in the Comptroller’s Office we were able to fulfill our normal oversight activities. The Comptroller’s Office looks forward to the additional capacity from incorporating the Director of Internal Audit and Control into our staffing which will enable us to produce even more taxpayers savings and more efficient government services.